Working With Schools To Expand the Fields of Aviation and Aerospace

Why Fly Alone Foundation is ready to help educators bring aviation and aerospace education to new heights.


At Why Fly Alone Foundation we are driven by the following long term goals:

  • To expand the imagination of students of all ages to learn more about — and to pursue a career in — aviation and aerospace.

  • To provide information and awareness to schools about the aviation and aerospace programs available to them that are not being utilized, and to help them to initiate those programs.
  • To help students become aware of the shortages occurring in all fields of aviation and aerospace as well as educate them on the financial and personal rewards in pursuing a career in the FAA, as a pilot, as an aerospace engineer, as an air traffic controller, as an astronaut, or in many of the other career paths aviation and aerospace have to offer.
  • To ensure that our military, civil aviation, and Space Force’s future will be filled with our next generation of engaged STEM graduates.

  • To continuously expand our Bring the Airport Field Trip to Your School program by purchasing more folding wing aircraft and to provide the staff to go to as many schools as possible across the United States of America.
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